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During a routine ultrasound I was diagnosed with placenta previa and placenta accreta. In my reading, I noticed much of the literature on placenta accreta was being published by Dr. Michael Belfort’s accreta team at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. With hundreds of accreta deliveries under its belt (including some of the most challenging percretas), this team was constantly refining its approach to these cases. After talking to Dr. Belfort on the phone, I felt confident that Texas Children’s was the best place for me and my unborn baby. Today, my daughter is almost 4 months old and is doing great. The road to recovery for me was definitely more difficult than my other C-sections, but I have fully recovered and feel like my old self again.

From New York to Houston: My placenta accreta story

Unlike many women with placenta accreta who hear the term for the first time when they are diagnosed, I had been warned by my OB that my history of three … Full Entry »

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