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About Titi Otunla, Certified Nurse Midwife

I am a Certified Nurse Midwife with the Women's Specialists of Houston at Texas Women's Pavilion for women.

I have been a midwife for 27 years. I believe a positive birth experience is important for all women. With support, guidance and preparation women can experience an empowering birth.

5 midwife myths

Mention you’re a midwife and many questions follow. From “Do midwives only deliver babies at home?” to “can I have my baby in water?” There are many myths and misunderstandings … Full Entry »

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Midwife Services at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women

Becoming a midwife was part calling and part admiration for the midwives I witnessed growing up in England. I knew I wanted to assist women with health decisions and especially … Full Entry »

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Understanding The Mind-Body Connection During Pregnancy

Fear and being unprepared for the birthing experience makes it difficult for women to have confidence in their abilities to birth without the help of medical interventions and drugs. Understanding … Full Entry »

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