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Born Dangerously Premature At 23 Weeks Gestation, How My Daughter Overcame The Odds

In early 2010, after 2 years of struggling with infertility, my husband, James, and I discovered the joyous news… we were pregnant! Although it was my first, it seemed like … Full Entry »

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As Final Sextuplet Leaves Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, Quintuplets Are Delivered

On behalf of the interdisciplinary maternal and newborn teams at Texas Children’s Hospital and Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, I’m excited to announce that Leah Perkins, the final and smallest … Full Entry »

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What Is A Neonatologist? Part 2: What We Do

There are many ways that neonatologists organize their days and nights. Neonatologists, in common with other doctors who care for critically ill patients, generally work in a pattern in which … Full Entry »

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A Dad’s Story: Starting A Family With The Help Of The Pavilion For Women

It was about 2 a.m. on the morning of April 30, 2012 when the emotion of becoming a father hit me. I was standing next to Dr. George Mandy, the … Full Entry »

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