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Using Simulation To Prepare For Opening Of The Pavilion For Women

At Texas Children’s Hospital, in addition to the care and safety of our patients, we also view the safety of everyone visiting and working in our hospital to be a … Full Entry »

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The First Gynecology Visit: A Message To Teen Girls (And Their Parents)

Many moms aren’t aware that the first gynecology visit for their teen daughter is actually recommended for sometime between the ages of 13 and 15 years old. You probably had … Full Entry »

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Service With A Heart: The Tiniest Of Lives

November 2006 will be a month that I will never forget. For many years as an operating room nurse, I comforted the crying eyes of a child as I held … Full Entry »

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Donor Breast Milk Program Supports New Moms And Infants

It has been an exciting month for the Lactation and Milk Bank services at Texas Children’s Hospital. On August 9 we launched our first-ever donor breast milk program, asking local … Full Entry »

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