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small premature baby lies in an incubator a grown hand reaches in grasping the foot in caring manner
Originally published by Lisa Treleaven on Nov. 17, 2014 on her blog Yes, This I Know.

If our sweet girl June had been born on her actual due date last year, she would be turning 1 tomorrow. Instead, she celebrated her first birthday on Oct. 10. She was born five-and-a-half weeks early due to concerns about the affects her tachycardia was having on her heart in utero; the doctors needed to deliver her to start treating her heart condition directly. It was a rough road. She spent two-and-a-half months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) before she was able to come home with us. Now, one year and five-and-a-half weeks later, with our beautiful daughter still happy and safe with us at home, we are able to reflect on those first months. Full Entry »

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Bellamy’s story: Fetoscopic surgery for spina bifida


Seventeen weeks into my pregnancy it was confirmed that our sweet baby girl had spina bifida. How could this happen? What did that mean? What IS spina bifida? Our world was rocked with the news that our precious daughter would have special needs. Full Entry »

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Here’s how the “lactation” cookie crumbles

Four oatmeal cookies with crumbs on white counter

I am often asked by breastfeeding mothers, “What can I take to increase my milk volume?” Although there are a few medications that have been shown to increase milk volume, not all mothers respond to them, nor are they without some side effects. Since ancient times, certain foods and herbs have been recommended to mothers as an effective way to either support or increase their milk volume. But do they work?  Full Entry »

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Spina Bifida Awareness month: Update on Berkley


Read Meagan’s past blogs, My Mother’s Day Miracle: How Fetal Surgery For Spina Bifida Brought My Baby Daughter To Me and Where Are They Now: Berkley Continues To Defy The Odds.

For as long as I can remember October has always been my favorite month. In our family October is about birthdays, celebrations and the start of the holiday season. A time of light, love and family. Almost five years ago, October took on a new meaning for us. Looking back, five years ago this month, I remember being pregnant during my 23rd birthday celebration. As I blew out my candles that year my only wish, my only prayer, was for my unborn baby to be healthy. I think a part of me knew that wouldn’t be the case, and God was gently preparing my heart for the months and years to come.  Full Entry »

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We heard the term Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) for the first time…


My husband and I were expecting our first born child. We had a baby shower and decorated the nursery. My OB insisted on a routine 32 week ultrasound. No one expected to find anything because the 20 week ultrasound was fine, but something was wrong. There were several possibilities, but it was the first time we heard the term Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). Not knowing for sure, we were sent to a maternal-fetal medicine physician (MFM) in the nearest city for a better ultrasound. They confirmed it was CDH. Full Entry »

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