Our spina bifida and fetal surgery story: Part 2

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Read part 1 here.

I tried to put the surgery out of my mind and focus on the logistics of moving to Houston. And that did help somewhat, but as the days got closer, the more and more scared I got. Before I knew it, it was the morning of the surgery. Full Entry »

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Our spina bifida and fetal surgery story: Part 1


It has been a very long road for my husband, Tony, and I to have children. After five years of unexplained infertility that included many tests, medications, fertility treatments, multiple rounds of IVF and, on top of that, two failed adoptions, we found out I was pregnant. We couldn’t believe it! It truly was a miracle.  Full Entry »

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Our story with a bilateral congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH)


When I became pregnant with our daughter last year, it was after one healthy pregnancy (our 2-year-old son) and three miscarriages. A few weeks into this pregnancy, some blood work showed a possible cause of the miscarriages and I started taking medicine for it. We made it past the usual time I’d miscarried previously, and we thought the fear for this pregnancy was behind us. Full Entry »

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My living champion: Fetoscopic surgery to repair spina bifida


Like any expectant parents, my husband and I were incredibly excited for our 20-week anatomy scan that would reveal whether we were having a boy or girl. This was baby number two for us, and we couldn’t wait to see if Glenn was having a brother or sister. Full Entry »

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From Georgia to Houston: Our spina bifida fetal surgery journey


Our journey began when I was 18 weeks and four days pregnant. Our daughter, Harper, was diagnosed with spina bifida during a routine anatomy scan. The idea something could be wrong never even entered our minds. We were fully prepared to go back to work that day with perfect ultrasound pictures in hand to show off to our family and friends, but God had a different plan for us. Instead, our OB/GYN came in the room and we heard the words, “It looks like spina bifida.” Our whole world flipped upside down as we tried to understand how something that seemed so terrible could be happening to us. It didn’t seem real. We felt unbelievably sad and helpless, a feeling that didn’t go away for quite some time. Full Entry »

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