5 years later: An update from the first patient at Pavilion for Women

Read Andrea’s first post about her experience being the first mom to deliver at the Pavilion for Women.

Brayten has brought so much laughter to our lives. He was an early climber, so it was no surprise when he scaled the walls of the baby bed at 18-months old. Once we converted the crib to a toddler bed he refused to sleep in it any longer. His dad would lay down with him until he was certain he was asleep. But when we woke up in the morning we would find that kid asleep all over the house. It was like our own private “where’s Waldo” search – complete with his favorite red and white striped pajamas. We would find him asleep on the stairs, kitchen floor and the bottom shelf of the bookshelf. His favorite place to sleep was right inside his door so you could not open it without bumping him. How is it possible that this little guy is now 5 years old? I look at him expecting to see my sweet, snuggly baby, but the face staring back at me is much too grown up. In these moments I still catch my breath when I think about how different our lives would be without him. Full Entry »

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What a difference a year can make


This time last year I was taking a pregnancy test. Today, I am the mother of a healthy four month-old little boy who loves to smile and kicks his legs like crazy. The latter part of that sentence may not sound all that special to some. However, to a mother who was told her son would never walk, every stretch and toe wiggle is a miracle. Full Entry »

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5 midwife myths

Mention you’re a midwife and many questions follow. From “Do midwives only deliver babies at home?” to “can I have my baby in water?” There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding one of the oldest professions. Many more women are choosing to use certified nurse-midwives (CNM) for a more personal childbirth experience, many others are discovering that midwives do more than take care of pregnant women. Read below to help dispel some myths surrounding nurse-midwives. Full Entry »

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185 days in the NICU: Beckham’s story


My son Beckham was born at 24 weeks gestation weighing 1 lb. 8 oz. and a mere 12 inches long. After the grueling process of egg donation and surrogacy, we were utterly speechless when Beckham came into this world so early. Full Entry »

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The importance of blood donation

??Blood Donation

The New Year is a time for resolutions. Get healthy, save money, give toward a worthy cause. What if there were a way to really give of yourself and save lives, without having to spend a dime? There is a way to do just that–blood donation. In fact, a single donation can potentially help more than one person in need. One pint of blood can be separated into up to four main usable components: red blood cells, which help carry oxygen to vital organs; platelets, which form some of the building blocks of clots; plasma, the liquid part of blood that also contains clotting factors and cryoprecipitate that is made up of concentrated clotting factors that help stop bleeding. Full Entry »

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