The more we talk about menopause, the better


In 1900, the life expectancy for women in the United States was 48 – which means most never made it to menopause. Full Entry »

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Pregnant with ACHD: Falon’s story

I was just a baby when I made my first trip to Texas Children’s Hospital after being diagnosed with a congenital heart disease at birth. Full Entry »

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Menopause, your medications and your mental health


Do you ever feel like your medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, aren’t providing the same benefits they used to?

If you’re a woman facing menopause, estrogen may be to blame. Full Entry »

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Is it more than your thyroid?


Today, most women will reach that natural part of life known as menopause. When they do, many will experience common symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, hair loss and difficulty sleeping. These symptoms can last for three, five or even 10 years and can look a lot like hypothyroidism, better known as underactive thyroid. Full Entry »

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Medication Use While Breastfeeding

meds and breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you know you are providing them with many long-term health benefits. However, during this process many women worry about what they put in their bodies in case it gets passed along to their little one. The use of medications is one area we see this concern frequently. Often times, a mother will choose not take a medication she needs or will stop breastfeeding due to concerns of potentially hurting her baby. Full Entry »

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