What does being a Level 4 NICU mean?

2K14-04520PVK_3931 Dr. Amy Hair examines newborn Carter Hawkins in NICU

As any parent knows, when you have a new baby there is so much to learn. Every baby is different and your life with a new child can, at times, be overwhelming. This is especially true for families who find themselves in need of specialized care for their newborn or infant. Full Entry »

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Meet the Physician: Dr. Nina Ali


At Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, we care for women and children from preconception, to long after the birth of the child. We are dedicated to obstetrics, gynecology and fetal intervention because we know to improve the health of children, we must start with mothers. To help you get to know our physicians better, we decided to sit down with them and do a short Q&A. Full Entry »

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Happy birthday, Pavilion for Women

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When I was first asked to write a blog commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Pavilion for Women opening, I immediately agreed. I enjoy writing, and I thought the occasion merited a tribute. But as the day drew closer, I found I hadn’t put even the first word to paper. That’s unusual for me. Most often when I am asked to write a blog, I am struck by an idea and have it on paper within an hour. Little editing is required; the words just flow and sound “right” to my ear. But this time it’s different. I started and stopped half a dozen times, never able to adequately capture my feelings on paper. So days passed, and I told myself not to worry—I would figure something out. Then I realized the problem: this wasn’t about my opinions. I wasn’t discussing the latest medical recommendations for pregnant women. This was about my feelings. That’s a much harder thing to share with your coworkers, colleagues and friends. My past five years at the Pavilion for Women are deeply personal experiences. Full Entry »

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5 years later: An update from the first patient at Pavilion for Women

Read Andrea’s first post about her experience being the first mom to deliver at the Pavilion for Women.

Brayten has brought so much laughter to our lives. He was an early climber, so it was no surprise when he scaled the walls of the baby bed at 18-months old. Once we converted the crib to a toddler bed he refused to sleep in it any longer. His dad would lay down with him until he was certain he was asleep. But when we woke up in the morning we would find that kid asleep all over the house. It was like our own private “where’s Waldo” search – complete with his favorite red and white striped pajamas. We would find him asleep on the stairs, kitchen floor and the bottom shelf of the bookshelf. His favorite place to sleep was right inside his door so you could not open it without bumping him. How is it possible that this little guy is now 5 years old? I look at him expecting to see my sweet, snuggly baby, but the face staring back at me is much too grown up. In these moments I still catch my breath when I think about how different our lives would be without him. Full Entry »

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What a difference a year can make


This time last year I was taking a pregnancy test. Today, I am the mother of a healthy four month-old little boy who loves to smile and kicks his legs like crazy. The latter part of that sentence may not sound all that special to some. However, to a mother who was told her son would never walk, every stretch and toe wiggle is a miracle. Full Entry »

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