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Here’s how the “lactation” cookie crumbles

I am often asked by breastfeeding mothers, “What can I take to increase my milk volume?” Although there are a few medications that have been shown to increase milk volume, … Full Entry »

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National breastfeeding awareness month: The importance of support

Breastfeeding support in the early weeks is crucial to the success of a breastfeeding relationship. Merging together the expertise of a board certified lactation consultant and the important role that … Full Entry »

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Baby Friendly Hospital Designation: What does it mean for Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women?

This post was co-authored by Nancy Hurst, director of Women’s Support Services and Lynda Tyer-Viola, director over Women’s Services. After several years of preparation and training, Texas Children’s Hospital received … Full Entry »

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Medication Use While Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you know you are providing them with many long-term health benefits. However, during this process many women worry about what they put in their … Full Entry »

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Vitamins and Supplements Belong in the “Medications” Conversation

When your doctor asks you what medications you’re taking, do you mention your vitamins and supplements?

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