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From Georgia to Houston: Our spina bifida fetal surgery journey

Our journey began when I was 18 weeks and four days pregnant. Our daughter, Harper, was diagnosed with spina bifida during a routine anatomy scan. The idea something could be … Full Entry »

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Giving our son the best chance with fetal surgery for spina bifida

Finding out I was going to be a mother was one of the most surreal moments in my life. The first 17 weeks of my pregnancy were amazing; I had … Full Entry »

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Texas Children’s Fetal Center Clinical Coordinators: We’re Here For You

Texas Children’s Fetal Center is one of the nation’s leading experts in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of fetal anomalies and offers in-utero fetal intervention for several diagnoses.

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Fetal Imaging: The Importance Of Diagnostic Imaging And An Early Diagnosis

At Texas Children’s Hospital we are committed to quickly and accurately diagnosing any complications during pregnancy by investing in advanced imaging technologies used by our expert team, who has been … Full Entry »

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A Bump In The Road: A Guide To Fetal Medicine And Fetal Care Decisions

While most women experience healthy pregnancies filled with food cravings and swollen feet, some may experience complications along the way. For parents who learn that their unborn child may need … Full Entry »

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